Beautiful Madness

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Beautiful Madness" by Michael Patrick Kelly

Pick Up Your Phone

Choreo: Niels Poulsen
Music: "634-5789" by The Elgins

Rolling Down Under

Choreo: Ria Vos & Simon Ward
Music: "A Change Is Gonna Gome" by Wayne Brady


Choreo: Colin Ghys & Alison Johnstone & The Zezura Shona People
Musik: "Jerusalema" by Master KG feat. Nomcebo

Im Netz gefeiert wird dieses Video, das schon rund 2,7 Millionen Mal angeschaut wurde:

Love Like a Symphony

Choreo: Grace David & Jef Camps
Music: "Symphony" by Sheppard


Choreo: José Miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard
Music: "Revival" by Gregory Porter


Choreo: Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Wintergreen" by The East Pointers

A Man Is In Love

Choreo: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Music: "A Man Is In Love" by The Waterboys


Choreo: Rob Fowler
Music: "Gravity" by John Mayer

Now This Is Us

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "This Is Us" by Jimmie Allen feat. Noah Cyrus

Faithful Soul

Choreo: Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher
Music: "Faith's Song" by Celtic Woman


Choreo: Laura Sway & Rob Fowler
Music: "Angelina" by Michael English

Joke's On You

Choreo: Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
Music: "Joke's On You" by Charlotte Lawrence

Romeo Tonight

Choreo: Karl-Harry Winson
Music: "Romeo" by Paul Bailey

What a Man Gotta Do

Choreo: Scott Blevins & Amy Glass
Music: "What a Man Gotta Do" by Jonas Brothers

Forever And A Day

Choreo: Pat Stott
Music: "Angel" by Lionel Richie


Choreo: Grace David & Jo Thompson Szymanski
Music: "Catch" by Brett Young

Stomp Down

Choreo: José Miguel Belloque Vane & Sebastiaan Holtland
Music: "Take Down" by Rayelle

Pot Of Gold

Choreo: Liam Hrycan
Music: "Dance Above The Rainbow" by Ronan Hardiman

Down To The Roots

Choreo: Scott Blevins & Fred Whitehouse
Music: "Down to the Roots" by Saveria

Ocean To Ocean

Choreo: David Hoyn & Sobrielo Philip Gene & Grace David & Rebecca Lee 
Music: "Ocean To Ocean" by Pitbul ft. Rhea